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Antero Sleeps (Noble Metals, #2)


Dear friend,

it’s always nice when you’re listening to something new, and after a while you say: Hey, I like this stuff! The minutes pass, the music goes, the feeling and the attention increase, and soon the big sphere of metal enfolds you. It happened to me recently with Antero Sleeps and their debut album, Titan, which has been around for almost a year. It opens with Whispers and Stardust, a seven-minute track of well crafted and well paced sludge/doom: the combination of big, hoarse guitar, submerged bass and assaulting drums I always like. Then The Fall of Gellar Elias starts, and it’s as if the landscape widens – the harmonic, timbral and dynamic landscape: a run of thirteen minutes, with accelerations and sudden stops, reprises and jabs (great riff at 2’51”). An excellent song that fades into Transformation, the acoustic keystone of the album (it would be interesting to hear it in an electric and distorted version). Not less beautiful is Calimbian Night, which struck me with its strong propulsion and broad heaviness (and its clear echoes of beloved Yob). Funeral Dirge is the final act, the epic conclusion of Titan’s journey, or perhaps another kind of beginning. The territory, and the sound, in which Antero Sleeps dare to go may be not new or unknown, but that’s not important for me: they are not towed, they are tuning their personal engine, they are telling stories, and I follow them willingly.

Yours heavily, Mort

Antero Sleeps, Titan, 2012.

(The Italian version.)


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